At ILHT Pakistan, we have changed the way patients and the medical community think about hair transplantation. We have created methods which stir the senses and soothe the soul. As a leader in our field, we focus on continual improvement. Our research center is constantly developing, challenging and improving the strong surgical base we have created over the years. Our team is instructed to ignore tradition and think outside the box.


A vision is only as good as the visionary. If dreaming is all you do you will never achieve. The reason our methods of hair transplantation have superseded other previous methods is due to the application of that vision. We tested and applied our method and now it has become the standard by which care is provided worldwide.


Innovation and Experimentation. We knew that in order to create a better way, a better look, a method had to be created to be used as a standard to change the status quo. We looked at the many instruments available for doing the kind of measurement, extraction, and surgical alteration of the areas described and we knew they would not suffice. So, we set about creating new ones.

1- Densitometer: To measure the donor area strength and no. of hair available.
2- Lower Mature Hairline that suits for the rest of life.
3- Unique arithmetic system uses facial proportions, angles and ratios to give unique individual Hairline that looks good for life.
4- Expansion Technique awarded the World Best Technique Award by ISHRS.

Our Facility:

ILHT Pakistan has 3 conveniently located offices in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad equipped with the latest and modern equipments most experienced Hair Transplant surgeons and Technicians.