My name is Ilka Handshaw and I am an Aromatherapy Coach, Author and a Speaker helping people improve their health and well-being. I have a proven system that helps people sleep better, manage weight and gain overall better quality of life. So regardless if you have a physical pain or insomnia or need to work thru your childhood trauma to achieve the joy and results you desire - I'm here to help! We need to go deep to the core of a problem to excavate it for good. Look at it as pulling all the weeds from your garden before you plant those beautiful flowers! Call it "your inner world creates your outer world", or- "harnessing the power of your mind to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be" by releasing the limiting believes and patterns stuck inside you - I can guide you and help you with that!
I'm passionate to help those committed to a better health- physical or emotional, because that is the only way you can be a success in any area of your life. Thru individual consultations or helping your company. I have done it for 20+ years and would love to help you live your dream life!
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional! Let's talk today!

I'm also very passionate about us, humans caring more about our Mother-Earth. My book "Are we awakened yet?" how to save our Earth was born thru that desire to share what is happening with our Earth and what we can together do as a society- to bring it back to balance. I speak whenever people let me do so; share and promote my book and its' message and am doing my best to awaken as many as I can do sustain life on our planet, for us, our children and their children! That is our ONLY "home" and - we need to take care of it!