About Us
Illumine was founded in Bangalore, India with the ambition to fix a broken early education childcare market.

We made a lot of observations and listened to the feedback from the families and child care owners about their view of the best school management system. And then we decided to provide an amazing way through an education software to build a dedicated community of people who want to make a difference!

What we do
We provide a unique School management software which benefits - School Principals, Teachers, and Parents.

We update the parents about their kids even when they’re away from them. We understand that no matter how busy the parents are, the only thing they’re concerned about is to know what the child is up to in Daycare or Preschool.

Illumine values the importance of effective Parent-Teacher Communication. As the teacher / Caretaker is considered as the second parent to the child in a daycare or preschool, our app empowers them to provide real-time updates about the kid to the parents.

We make it possible for the parents to get instant notification about their kid's mealtime, nap hours, activity reports or behavior and more through images, videos or notifications.

Our school app lets the teachers and parents team up for the child’s learning and development while they’re in a child care program.

It also lets the busy parents pay the school bills via the app and automatically invoices and receipts.

As most of the preschools/daycare is open for around 12 hours, the teachers spend most of the time with the kids. They are their caretakers, teachers and second moms. They spend most of their time to make sure that the kid should eat, take a nap, and are safe, happy and enjoy the activities.

Our Nursery App lets the dedicated and passionate preschool teachers concentrate on what they love to do without wasting time in writing reports and daily updates using paper.

By using our childcare app, teachers can go paperless instantly send digitized daily reports, updates and clicked pictures of the kids so that the parents can see what the child is up to.