This is the ultimate App for couples. Share memories and keep them for a lifetime in your own personal scrapbook.

The idea for this App came to me while serving overseas in Iraq and away from my significant other. Looking for a way to improve our communication, iLoveNote was born.

iLoveNote lets a couple exclusively share their life together in their own social network. Improve your communication simply by laying out all your thoughts, aspirations, and concerns in a unique way that email, text message, or social networks today cannot capture.
There is not another App out there like iLoveNote. Whether you are looking for a way to reconnect with your significant other or simply just keep a scrapbook of your relationship, this is the App for you!

Key Features:

Love Note - Simply post a note for your significant other to let them know you miss them! Also, post a photo or video!

Date Night - This feature is going to be exciting! Keep a log of each and every date you and your mate ever have. Post photos of your night out, or little reminders about something funny that happened. You will always be able to look back and share those memories with each other! Sync your Date Night with iCal on each of your devices in order to navigate a hectic schedule.

Hot Topix - Ever forget something really important you wanted to talk about? Not anymore. This list will make sure you remember important topics and make sure you remember to TALK about them. Add notes, photos, or videos for discussion points. Find a puppy you really want the kids to have, post a photo under the "Get a Dog Topic"!

Bucket List - Create a list with your significant other of all the things you want to do in your life together and check them off as you go! Post photos and comments to remember these once in a lifetime experiences!

Mends - Relationships are tough. Improve communication by discussing where each needs to get better. Track progress until you satisfied and then move on to a new topic.

Desires - Some topics are just tough to bring up in person. Use this as an Icebreaker in order to broach these tough subjects. Share you most intimate desires in life and work together to reach them.

To date there are not many apps that are designed for couples unless you are looking for dice games. This app is designed to improve a relationship by promoting communication, organization, and connection while maintaining a scrapbook of all life's events for the couple.  App is now released on Android and coming soon in the IOS App Store.