ImageOne Mobile Billboards is a mobile billboard advertising service based on our Patented Mobile Billboard, and our unique business model.
     ImageOne sells Area Developer Licenses (alternative to franchises) that include our Patented Mobile Billboards, our proprietary billboard ad design software & ad template system, our library of blank ad designs, our video based advertising sales system, and our highly profitable business operations model.
    Our business model features low start up costs of under $50,000, with a six figure net profit potential from our highly efficient operational model.  ROI is huge.
    Mobile billboard advertising is quickly replacing outdated print advertising as small businesses continue to abandon print media in favor of a more effective and modern solution.  Cost effective mobile billboard advertising is priced similarly with print advertising, with a much broader and deeper reach.  
    Historical data shows a 89% client renewal rate, proving the effectiveness of the advertising method.  
    Interested parties should visit our mobile advertising website at:  www.imageonesystems.com for more information on the advertising mehtods.
    For more information about an Area Developer License, visit:  www.mobilebillboardfranchise.com