Image-X Enterprises is a global leader in document management, content management, workflow and electronic filing systems. Since its establishment in 1989, Image-X has created multiple solutions for document management problems related to government, healthcare, education and financial institutions. One such solution – ClerkePass - is the first ever authenticated document certification and storage system to provide electronic signature solutions for counties and state governments. Image-X has been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 1996 and a designated Gold Certified Partner since 2005. The communication division has teamed with Linksys, a division of Cisco to create VOIP business solutions. Image-X is a certified Select SMB partner with Cisco Systems, specializing in wireless & VOIP communications, networking, routing, data security and creating a roadmap to your company’s success and ROI growth. Let Image-X assess your company’s systems for free. We are specially trained to advise you on the latest software and hardware technologies to make your business operations more efficient while effectively reducing overhead costs.