www.CogicCommunity.com is a new and creative way for members of the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) to come together on one accord . Weather you consider yourself Pentecostal, Holiness, or simply a member of the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC), you are all welcome to become a member of the most unique site on the internet, and that is the www.cogiccommunity.com. Cogic Community is a healthy alternative to other well known communities online but with less of the nonsense. Pentecostal members of the Church Of God In Christ can chat with fellow believers, blog, post pictures, link movies and much, much more. CogicCommunity.com gives you the ability to create your own groups as well so if you have a Cogic group of your own already each one of you can move your group over to the central location, CogicCommunity.com, there's no cost. That’s right, Church Of God In Christ members now have there own space on the web called, well, let’s say MyCogic.com, how about that. The administration team at CogicCommunity.com plan to contact well known artist and authors in order to offer members music and books (etc) ahead of schedule and at discounted rates. Thus, being yet another perk of being a member in the community. If you are a Minister, Evangelist, Deacon, or hold any title within the Pentecostal, Holiness, Church Of God In Christ Churches then this is definitely the place for you. Here you will be able to communicate with others from across the country and come together as one on many issues and/or topics. What’s your message for this Sunday’s service? Talk about it at Cogic Community first and then deliver it on Sunday morning. Meet your family and friends and tell your family and friends about www.CogicCommunity.com