IMAGINECARE is a health experience system that focuses on the customer experience, integrating behavior change design into mobile apps and new
clinical web applications. Pairing the latest evidence in health and chronic disease management with patent-pending, cloud-based technology solutions,
we offer a highly secure and engaging end-to-end digital health service.

Maintaining a human touch in long-term health coordination is vital to continued customer engagement. ImagineCare’s 24/7 support team of Health Navigators and Registered Nurses use a custom-designed clinical web application to provide more personalized and contextual service, unified communication support, EHR-integration capabilities, and cutting-edge customer relationship management tools.

ImagineCare leverages automation and machine learning to enhance the overall care experience without letting them take the place of our excellent 24/7 human support and coaching capabilities. Better data, alongside more personalized service, will yield better health outcomes.