Imall SA is a game changer in how consumers the world over interact with businesses. Our members can purchase products directly from listed businesses, make appointments and find the service provider of their choice. Imall SA helps you to discover great businesses in your location and helps you to explore other areas. Imall SA is literally a mall on the internet because of the many different types of businesses that it has for you. It provides you with important information that you need in order to make a purchase from a service provider. This information includes reviews, ratings from other customers and how much a particular business is loved on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Understanding how the Imall SA world works? Why do people visit Imall SA?

Imall SA is a mall- an online mall. People go to a physical mall to buy different goods and services from various businesses. In a Mall, you can buy food in a restaurant after purchasing sunglasses from having your hair done. The possibilities are endless. Why can’t online shopping be the same? Imall SA is easy to use, but unlike learning your way around a huge mall, it is easy to move around the Imall and this helps you in selecting the best service provider based on their locations, products, services, special offers, quotes ratings and reviews among other options.

Who uses Imall SA?

Countless people like you are Imallers. All you need is to have an email account or a Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Instagram account in order to register a free Imall SA account. It is really that easy to join Imall SA and start finding the right service provider for your needs.

Why Imall SA?

Imall SA is inspired by a vision to help online searchers to find suitable businesses that can address their service need. Imall SA uses fair ranking principles unlike similar sites which rank businesses according to how much they pay, Imall SA ranks businesses according to two things: First, the client’s own criteria (category, relevance to needs, location if indicated, tags ) and Secondly according to the ratings of other users on Imall SA. Businesses that deserve to appear first, appear first, not businesses that pay to appear first.

Company History

Imall SA is a subsidiary of the Iadvertising Group which focuses on niche digital and media marketing platforms. Imall SA is an internationally developed website using the highest design precepts and principles and is currently hosted in the United Kingdom.