Imani Energy is a solar power installation and energy services company. Imani prioritizes working in Empowerment and Enterprise Zone communities to develop and train a local workforce for sales and solar system installation projects. Our goal is to translate this enhanced workforce capability and capacity into the distribution of solar power system installations and energy efficiency services for municipalities, educational institutions, commercial businesses and residential clients.

Formed in 2008, Imani Energy provides effective solutions for high energy costs through solar power systems with financing options. We are committed to creating green jobs for people from marginalized communities. We promote environmental sustainability through solar system installation and energy efficiency initiatives, training and community education. Imani Energy provides its services in Delaware and Southern California and is cultivating new east coast initiatives, including distributed generation and community solar projects.

Imani Energy also supplies solar and  renewable energy equipment for contractors and installers. Our blend of financing and engineering, procurement and construction partnerships gives us the capacity and flexibility to execute on residential, commercial and utility scale projects.