The iMarketing Institute is a learning resource that advances the practice of organizational marketing. It provides research that bridges gaps between communication theory and practice by offering in-depth knowledge and tools that improve performance and strengthen the marketing profession as a whole. It effectively links marketing professionals and inspires the highest professional standards of quality and innovation in important aspects of emerging marketing trends and technologies.

Helping people and organizations:

> Make business sense of multi-channel marketing
> Evaluate emerging marketing trends and technologies
> Think strategically about channel integration
> Measure and clarify the value of marketing
> Provide exceptional opportunity for professional growth

We examine issues related to:

> Social Media
> Branding Strategies
> Direct & Interactive Marketing
> Direct Mail Strategies
> Email Marketing
> Multi-channel Strategies
> Database Management
> Data Analytics > Behavior Marketing
> Digital Marketing
> Emerging Trends
> Creative Strategies
> Product Pricing and Positioning
> CRM Strategies
> Return on Marketing Investment - ROMI  UPCOMING EVENTS