iMG Recordings is a cutting-edge artistic development and distribution company. We provide our handpicked artists with holistic and forward-thinking management services, as well as industry leading approaches to promotion and distribution.

iMG Recrding CEO and President Rick "Double R" Robinson has been an industry frontliner for almost 20years. RR 's vision of a full stop and shop label, branding, management, promotion and distribution company was unheard of when he started this venture years ago.

Today, RR stands atop one of the largest distribution companies in the world. His ability to market and brand new artists as well as refocus and re-  package artists that have had hits and are looking to restart their careers, is second to none. RR has turned iMG into a global juggernaut in the industry today. Keep your eye on iMG as its leader continues to push his dream and his team to new heights.