IMJ is a public company in Japan, which provides WWW, system integration and business developments including mobiles. The company provides its service to over 1000 clients in Japan. Many of them are very well known company.  IMJs position in the market is very unique and has been one of company who can provide its service to the companies which may compete each other for their services.

IMJBB is a 100% subsidiarity of IMJ Corporation. Also based in Tokyo.
Founded in 2010 as spin out of Broadband department of IMJ, targeting new product and technology development for digital media.
Our first core business was to achieve video delivery through the Internet, such as VOD(Video On Demand) and Real time video streaming to IP-TV, PC, Kiosk terminal, and mobiles. Including DRM(Digital Rights Management) capabilities that enables premium contents delivery through the Internet.
We have been successfully providing system integration, developments, and business developments to those markets for over 5 years. And now, since last year, we have begun to create new system and platform.
Our goal it to provide easy and ready system to content providers and operators that will allow benefit to service provider and end user at the same time.