It's time for a new story.  

With Story Theater enabled books from Immersive-publishing, your child will be dropped into the middle of an exciting adventure that is completely driven by their reading.  

The system makes use of an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot which monitors the child as they read aloud and triggers a series of sound effects, music, a narrator, ambient backgrounds and even Alexa herself joins the show.  Your child reads along, reads aloud and becomes an integral part of the story!

These exciting adventure books are low price and recommended for any readers from age 7-14.  

Immersive-Publishing is making ready to announce a new line of Educational books that have a verbal comprehension quiz at the end of each chapter and reporting built into the system so that a busy parent can receive an email each day with Time Spent, Comprehension reporting as well as individual questions and how your child scored.  

If your child views reading as a chore, this new system will entertain as well as educate.  If your child loves to read, this just adds the cherry on the top.