Immersive is a provider of exceptional healthcare data lifecycle management solutions harmonized under four service pillars: data governance, data management, data analytics and data protection. Our solutions portfolio is thoughtfully and rigorously designed around our clients' most valued business asset – clinical, financial, and operational data.

Data Governance - Immersive’s ClarityDG Framework and Maturity Model for data governance promotes discipline driven by standards, definitions, workflows and workforce enablement to validate and ensure data consistency across your organization. We make data governance achievable by taking you through a step-by-step implementation process that is sensitive to resource, culture change and integration with your organization’s strategic plan.

Data Management - Data management is more than data models and storage strategies. Immersive employs an enterprise view of data management to improve interoperability, reduce broken workflows, and increase the usability and value of your massive data assets. Our solutions include data quality and integrity studies and remediation, connectivity and integration, master data management, application lifecycle management, and data management office (DMO) development.

Data Analytics - Healthcare reform starts with strong enterprise intelligence which has its foundations in data collection and analytics. Immersive works with you, at this critical inflection point, to realize your pursuit of the IHI Triple Aim, from the nascent stages of an analytics program to advanced analytics.

Data Protection - Immersive’s Oculus Data-Driven Risk Management (DDRM) Framework elevates the conversation and the work beyond compliance. Our portfolio of advisory, technical security, risk, and managed solutions align the right resources with the right efforts to effectively address the emerging cybersecurity threat, the pervasive threats from within and those threats posed by third-party partners and vendors.

Our team has served on the front lines as well as in the executive suite; we have walked the hallways of healthcare for decades - as providers, payers, and partners.

We pride ourselves on a common-sense, resource-sensitive approach, with a healthy dose of ingenuity to achieve better outcomes for our clients. Simplicity in design. Efficiency in execution. Accountability to performance. These principles guide our work. We are naturally collaborative. We acknowledge that the work is hard. We walk before we run.

Client vision sets the compass for our work. Immersive was founded on the belief that our industry can and will achieve extraordinary advances in clinical care, healthcare operations and healthcare financing when we apply the full potential of the data that we have at our fingertips. We are profoundly respectful of the power and the value of today’s healthcare data. We are relentless about protecting it.