Imperative Research is a market research company that provides the entire plethora of market research, technology and analytics services to companies and other market research agencies in compliance with the industry best practices, as outlined in ISO 20252:2006 and CMMi. The current list of customers includes several Fortune 500 companies like the biggest networking equipment company of the world, the biggest computer and printing equipment company of the world etc. We also provide consulting and other services to several large market research agencies in specific areas.

We are headquartered in New Delhi, India with local representation in several other geographies of the world for localized service delivery model. We have designed our corporate governance to include quality, agility and customer-orientation as our core business vales. The company is a Microsoft Partner for its technology practice and also a member of several market research forums.

Our team consists of hand-picked best-of-breed market research, technology professionals and analysts having vast experience in managing multiple projects while being flexible and innovative to deliver unmatched quality. The team has varied exposure to both qualitative and quantitative techniques as deployed in market research. Microsoft technologies and associated analytics and thus able to work as partners with customers in fructifying the latter’s business objectives. The company ensures alignment with latest advances both in practice and technology for the purpose of delivering the best to its customers.

At Imperative, the process framework while ensuring best practices complies with relevant ISO and CMMi standards thus ensuring excellent project management, data security besides quality of deliverables.

We encourage you to visit our website to know how you can leverage our market research experience to add value to your services.