Working for a better tomorrow.

A better tomorrow, where businesses have a strong immune system from the cyclic fluctuations of economy. A tomorrow that brings better organizations, better disposable incomes and standards of living, with happiness all around. It is this idea of bringing a better tomorrow that keeps our engines going.

Dalip Singh Batra, the visionary entrepreneur who founded Imperia Structures Ltd., believes progress is an ongoing process. He religiously takes a ‘stroll for improving the future’ everyday. His vision is manifested in the entire organizational processes, management, people and work culture at Imperia. Each day we at Imperia, roll up our sleeves, and stretch our visions, capacities, efforts and time, to make a better tomorrow happen.

We, the Team Imperia, have successfully developed and leased out more than 1 million sq. ft. of commercial space to Fortune 500 and Multinational companies. These include names like Citibank, Pentair, Legrand, Blue Star, Videocon, Voltas, L&T, TCS, Reliance, GE Money, Globerian, Siemens, Aptara, TATA and many more. With an annual turnover of more than Rs.120 million from rental segment, and with over 25 years of experience, we have been continuously innovating and implementing commercial projects and have been giving our investors assured returns.