Examples of how ImperoCo is helping people solve problems and achieve goals:


ImperoCo Solutions’s intraorganizational apps allow employees and other parties to coordinate via their mobile devices. These apps do not require a lengthy approval process from Google or Apple. Depending on their complexity, they can usually be deployed within days or weeks. Uses include: Field Service Operations Sales Marketing Human Resources Customer Engagement Productivity


Info-sheet screenshot

Infosheets combine the easy-to-understand information of infographics with the functionality of a spreadsheet.

Infosheets allow organizations to convey their custom message to their audience.

Example: a bank uses an infosheet to convey the benefits of creating a household budget for its customers. Customer wins because they get control of their saving and spending. Bank wins because they created customer loyalty, increased savings, and increased likelihood of loan repayment.


ImperoCo publishing is built on the same principles as the rest of its business – simple solutions to complex issues.

ImperoCo publishing focuses more on consumer issues than business ones.

Currently, the publishing portfolio consists of two book in a series – Molding Money for Your Family and the accompanying Workbook. The Molding Money series outlines a simple and effective methodology for budgeting personal finances.

Both are available exclusively on Amazon.