Grounded Earth Inc. is involved in many aspects of multiple business types. The focus of this facet is educating the public about creating on online business primarily through internet marketing utilizing affiliate marketing,  information product creation, website design, paid advertising methods, free advertising methods, and search engine optimization. The mission within this section of the company is to inform as many people as we can about the methods we use to make a good living online providing people with the freedom to work for themselves and when they want. Creating a good quality of life for our clients is our main goal and by using the methods of marketing that are laid out in our free membership training site.

This section of Grounded Earth Inc. is called On Target Internet Marketing Strategies. The website address that leads users to the training site is http://internetmarketingstrategiesx.com/free-membership-training. This is a free membership site that educates members on all aspects of creating an online business that can supplement their current job and income. It is not a get rich quick scam or any type of scam at all. The information provided inside this membership site is what Grounded Earth Inc. utilizes everyday to market other facets of the business and other local business clients, and products as well.

Grounded Earth Inc. has been in business for 5 years creating real entrepreneurs out of people who never thought they could do it, or didn't think it could be done at all. By utilizing affiliate marketing and product creation clients are given the opportunity to start their own business that gives them the freedom to be with family, go on vacation, and live life the way they want not the way their boss wants. This idea came from Will Skinner the founder of Grounded Earth Inc. Will has been marketing online for the past 5 years and when his life was turned around by the online business he started, he wanted to pay it forward with this free membership training site "On Target Internet Marketing Strategies".

This membership site contains detailed information on how to keep things simple with a straight forward strategy that works with any niche market out there. There is video content and text content as well as a toolbox that includes all the tools that Will uses in his business on a daily basis. Now the tools are not free, but in all they are less than $500.00, and starting a business for less than $500.00 is pretty achievable for people of all walks of life. All the content on how to market online and create websites that convert is free and comes from the past 5 years of experience Will has as an internet marketer.

User experience and customer service is a big part of the passion of what Grounded Earth Inc is. Creating happy clients and turning their dreams into reality is what the membership site is all about. Keeping things simple is another aspect that is very important when it comes to an internet marketing business.  Having one place to go to for all the information you need to create an online business is very important as information overload is the leading cause a failure in this business venture. The On Target Internet Marketing Membership Training site does just that. The information is compiled in a simple to view format and gives step by step instructions of what to do and when to do it.  Taking the confusion out of creating this type of business is critical and Will has done just that.