Welcome to my fast, personal, native English to Japanese Business Assistance and Translation Service.

I offer direct quality translations and virtual and on-site business assistance (no agencies involved).

I am an experienced and motivated  Japanese professional from Tokyo. I am based in Tokyo, Japan and in London, England. I offer a professional and high-quality service, translating between English and Japanese & Virtual + on-site business assistance for Japan.

+ Direct. No middlemen = Better communication & prices
+ Qualified. Good corporate & personal track record
+ Fast. I understand the need for speed
+ Business Experienced. More than just translations

"As business professional and freelance translator I take pride in a personal approach and involvement in my work. I am a reliable and business qualified Japanese native speaker. I am motivated to provide you with quality & timely Japanese translations to support your business or personal development in Japan. Please feel free to contact me for a free quotation."


You are dealing with me personally. There are no middlemen – no agencies involved. Which is ultimately good for our communication and process and also cost efficient (Check rates here or ask for a quotation). You really pay only for your work and no overhead. You will always know who you are dealing with and whom to contact. In urgent cases I will be able to give you timely feedback on the status of your work.


I have a long track record of translations for companies in Japan and overseas. My work includes business documents, business correspondence, technical and patent documents. I localized e-commerce services, websites and prepared international trade fairs. Aside from translations, I am also a qualified translation checker and proof reader (i.e. translated patent documents in the fields of medical, engineering, chemical, physics, etc.). Technology & Computer proficiency comes without saying: MS Office Platform, MAC use, Internet, Social media & Communication Tools and naturally TRADOS Translation Systems.

Conference/Production/Managerial Interpreter & Researcher/Analytical Translator (Laws, Contracts, ISOs, etc.)

Certified Grade 1 English Proficiency…of course.


Due to my business experience, I acknowledge the need for fast and timely translations to Japanese, be it a presentation for your Japanese customers, a business letter or email with a sales opportunity not to be lost or any other document or web content you require in Japanese personally or for your business.

I not only gained a solid experience in translations and proof reading, but also the ability to help with your content. Working in international businesses across Asia and Europe widened my understand for all business related documents. I am able to not only translate texts, but adjust them to be efficient marketing tools in Japan. My experiences in Japanese companies working in international markets, editing work for magazines in Europe or dealing with clients on international trade fairs, as well as localization of e-commerce projects – are providing me with business understanding, an efficient working attitude which literally ‘translates’ into better results of your translations.

My academic achievements lie with the London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London. BSc, Politics and International Relations


Would you like to negotiate with Japanese vendors? Make arrangements with business partners or potential clients? Do you need to make arrangements for business or other Japanese only services?

I am offering to support your business in Japan through virtual or on-site assistance. For example I can provide translations of your specifications or requirements to local vendors, I can interpret and and actively support discussions by talking to Japanese business partners directly or together with you on the phone. I can be part of your business meetings or negotiations on location in Japan.

Vendor Negotiation, Telephone Calls, Conference Calls with Japanese Parties, Sales Meetings, Business Meeting Translation and Interpretation, Preparation of Marketing Material and more…

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