inABLE is a non-profit organization that empowers blind and visually impaired students in Africa through assistive computer technology education to equip this typically neglected group with IT tools, skills and resources necessary for them to become innovative, productive, and highly functional members of society.

What’s unique about inABLE’s computer-labs-for-the-blind program is that it is a complete technological solution that removes barriers to learning with an innovative educational platform, which promotes information computer technology (ICT) as an integral classroom tool, including Internet access, multiple computer types, and instructional support in the use of accessible hardware, software (including Microsoft Office), employable-skills training, as well as online certificate courses and website development.

To date, inABLE has enrolled over 1,400 blind and visually impaired students and teachers and established seven assistive technology computer labs in Kenya.  Visit inABLE.org to learn more about our mission and organization.