Wanteet.com is creating a global marketplace inChefs.com that connects busy foodies to hyperlocal personal and restaurant chefs to enjoy  and explore, fresh, and healthy meals without spending time and energy that they don't have.. The food could range from high-end customized meals to a meal for a big event. For example, meals for the entire week, special dietary needs as required by patients in hospitals and the old, meals for special events, meals prepared by vacation chefs at resorts, etc. Foodies are dissatisfied with the lack of high-quality healthy food that is also affordable. Our intention is to fill the gap between the customized but expensive food and low quality food. Our company offers an exciting alternative in the form of personalized food that is also affordable.
To achieve this, inchefs.com the global internet marketplace was launched, which can be likened to a hyperlocal network of foodies and chefs. The special features of the marketplace are: (a) online registration of chefs and menus from anywhere in the world (b) location specific access to personal and restaurant chefs (c) storing foodie preferences (d) an online transaction system (d) hire a personal chef (e) yumQuotes - an open marketplace that allows foodies to request quotes from selected chefs, accept one and pay (f) an Inchefs concierge that people can plant on their websites.

Status: inChefs.com has completed a soft launch and has 59 customers (chefs) worldwide. We are holding inChefs competitions to bring awareness to the consumers (foodies) in the Bay Area. Wanteet has built the platform through self-funding. We are actively looking for additional sales and marketing $s to reach out to customers We are incorporating feedback from our customers to make the product easy to use and competitive in the marketplace.

Model: The model is for customers to 1. place requests for custom food 2. enable local “chefs’ / providers or specialized home chefs to make offers on requests with their brand of offering, menu and pricing, 3. enable customer to accept an offer and pay for it. The proprietary technology enables chefs from around the world to quickly sign up and find gigs through inChefs. Our interest is to ramp up the chefs and consumers, increase interactions between the two and enable each local community to grow in its own special way. If you are using our platform at home or at a vacation spot, you will be pleasantly surprised to find local home-chef dishes or local chefs to cook at your home-away kitchen.
Team: Usha Kizhakekara the founder of Wanteet and the inChefs.com offering has almost 20 years of technical and architectural experience having worked in startups and companies like Texas Instruments, C-Cube, Netflix, startups... She has an MBA and a MS in Computer Engineering. Wanteet represents her 2nd startup.Vipul - bright software architect  and Mahendra our backend engineer who has worked with Usha for a few years.Douglas Ross has a background in management consulting and has helped companies scale and grow.Shaila, Head of Product-Consumer Experience has worked at Clorox, SAP and Move. Jason Crayne Google chef as advisor. Jay Marshall - The Culinarian “Chef of the year” is our domain expert.   Sumanth Addagarla who  is our adviser and strategist, and has done technology sales in over 15 countries.

inChefs Strategy: The online marketplace that we are building has the ability to automatically grow with very little manual intervention. This predicates a robust and well thought software and growth algorithm.