About inQbaby

inQbaby is the corporate entity and business plaform that help businesses develop/hatch applications based on Twalky (inQbaby’s technology platform). Mr David So, Founder and CEO of inQbaby and Inventor of Twalky was previously a well-known Asia-Pacific research analyst for telecom, media and technology (TMT) sectors during the past decade (started prior to the Mar 2000 dotcom crash) having appeared in international media channels such as TVs (CNBC, Sky News, Asia TV etc), newspapers (Wall Street Journal etc), journals (Business Week etc), radios and blogs for professional opinion on TMT companies. Please go to http://www.zoominfo.com/Search/ReferencesView.aspx?PersonID=393078828 for some sample online sources with Mr David So's professional opinions or visit www.inqbaby.com for more information about inQbaby.

About Twalky

Twalky is a web-based platform that enables users to build social networks/applications with real-time streams of anything (eg. places, events, people, products etc).

Applications built on Twalky platform are able to share their content amongst each other by connecting selective (or all) content from a network to another network. For example, TwalkyEvents is an iphone application based on Twalky using event streams and LeWeb2009 is a social network created by another Twalky user. Event streams from LeWeb2009 can be connected to TwalkyEvents network so that visitors of TwalkyEvents app are able to write and read on the LeWeb events. Please visit www.twalky.com for more information.