Inadrive is payment free ridesharing and
ultimate digital video advertising App, all in one.
-plays interesting high-quality Advertising Content that can be watched anytime on your smartphone, and
-provides a safe reliable ride.
Both in the same length of time.

Inadrive is, and always will be payment free!
Instead, the Passenger can watch Ad Content in the same length matching the length of the ride.

We are here to help the Community and give them something that they have a real benefit from.
Also, Businesses have a new high-quality space to reach their Consumers and advertise their products and services.

Inadrive App is simple to use, requires basic knowledge of use smartphone Technologies:
- Create your Profile with Interests so that you can receive the interesting Content that you enjoy watching. Your interests can be modified anytime.
-Request a ride, and enjoy watching presented Content on your smartphone, during the ride or after.

There is no restriction when and where your received content has to be seen.
Only thing is that App will not let you take next ride until all of the Content presented(the time of the previous ride) has been seen.

Travel with friends as long as they have the inadrive App installed.
We are operating in the specifically designated areas only, that are posted on our website and social media.

After the breakthrough of similar ridesharing Apps, Users can experience something even more innovating and advanced!
Stop paying now!
Use free alternative ridesharing Platform!
Now you have one less thing to think about.
With Inadrive.

Let us lift your drive! By matching you with interesting Advertising Content and giving you a free ride!

The passenger can communicate about their experience anytime or can contact with any concern the Inadrive through the Apps contact section.
At the end of each ride, the confirmation ride info email is sent.

Become a driver for Inadrive!
We give special attention and care to our drivers!
See it for yourself.
Drivers can download, register, and start working on Inadrive Platform through our App directly. It's easy, just upload the required document and once we confirm your requirements you can start working with us.
We provide steady rides so that drivers can make more money and don't have to lose time on waiting to get rides.
Additional info about driver requirements can be found on our website.

Driver records and background checks are done on all of our drivers. Treatment of our drivers is in the best possible way so that they are providing the best possible experience and safe ride.

How do we make this all work?
Find out more on our website www.inadrive.com
Check us out on social media:
Twitter at https://twitter.com/GOinadrive
Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/inadrive
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/inadrive/?hl=en
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClydz-T_UjeVNPOuEsG92YA/videos

Continued play of Video Content can increase data usage on your phone and decrease battery life.