Incisive Business (IB) builds relationships with high quality suppliers who have appropriate solutions specifically for business buyers.  Incisive Business act as a go between, or intermediary, introducing buyers to suppliers.  It’s like business-to-business dating.

Business buyers use Incisive Business when they need products or services; they’re short of time, and want to make informed decisions about the potential companies that can provide the solution.

Why business buyers use Incisive Business  to get quotes:
•     they’re short of time
•     they need a product or service – not brand
•     they want to make an informed choice
•     They want to choose from a limited number of suppliers

Working as a go-between Incisive Business helps buyers solve their purchasing problems by introducing creditable suppliers and providing advice, information and support.  

For suppliers of services and products, who want to grow their business to business sales, we provide quality targeted sales leads with a high conversion rate.  

Why use Incisive Business for your lead generation?

These days it is extremely rare for a businesses to go out to tender for the products they need, so timing is essential to make sure sales people are in front of buyers at exactly the right moment.  Because Buyers visit Incisive Business when they are looking to purchase you can ensure that you are talking to the right person at the right time – when they’re buying.