Incito is a leadership coaching and development organization offering leadership development through one-on-one coaching, e-courses, in-person facilitation and keynote speaking. Our passion is developing the leaders others want to follow so that every leader and every follower can love their work and create an impact. Because everyone should love their work!

Leadership Coaching: The Leader Worth Following
• Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching integrating learning and empowering leaders to balance managing business objectives with leading and inspiring teams.
• Partnering with middle and senior leaders in developing strong and confident personal leadership styles true to personal fulfillment, passion, purpose and values while aligning with business direction.
• Supporting entrepreneurs in becoming industry leaders and creating lasting sustainable businesses aligned with their passion and vision.
• Acting as an impartial and objective thought partner supporting leaders in working through business change, growth, strategy and personal challenges.

Leadership E-Courses: Accessible Development
Becoming the Leader Others are Inspired to Follow
• Work at your own pace to develop and enhance your authentic leadership. Because you want to be more than just management!

Keynote Speaking: Inspirational Learning
• Honest engaging and inspirational keynotes on leadership topics including authenticity, empathy, gratitude, purpose, accountability, boundaries, trust, coaching, feedback and more.

Culture Development: Intentional Engagement
• Transforming toxic and “ho-hum” organizations and teams by developing fabulous culture and identity resulting in an inspiring place to work where teams are engaged and motivated every day.
• Partnering with small businesses struggling with the impact and culture challenges of becoming a big company.
• Supporting teams and organizations undergoing leadership change, mergers, process change and any other change ensuring they create the culture that will drive their business goals towards success.

Team Development: Solid Foundations
Supporting the foundations for leaders to create highly effective teams, we provide a wide range of customized team facilitation.