INCURE INC. is a leading manufacturer of advanced UV adhesives, coatings, inks, gaskets, form-in-place/cure-in-place gasket (FIPG/CIPG), masking, media dry blast masks, sealants and UV/LED light curing systems. We offer customers bonding solutions for manufacturing environments, including MRO, automotive, medical, electronic, glass, optical, jewelry and many other industries worldwide.

Time-To-Market Advantage
Incure products are made with customers’ needs in mind. Most of our products ships within 5 working days and are available in 10ml syringe, 30ml syringe, 1kg bottle. Incure also offers a wide-range of UV curing lamps to suit all bonding, coating, sealing and encapsulating applications. Please consult our Technical Service Team for more information or simply request for a technical data sheet. Email support@uv-incure.com

Send in your parts! Take advantage of direct professional advice from Incure Product Development Consultant.
IncureConsult embraces matching-chemistry in 3 simple steps:
(1) Understanding your application, choice of substrates and test requirements
(2) Recommending the most suitable adhesive and best-matched UV curing equipment
(3) Establish a reliable and controlled manufacturing process

Send in your parts! Provides an open channel for end-users to work directly with Incure on all applications. Quick and easy access to working solutions for all bonding needs.  Minimizes indirect costs associated distribution channels. Faster turn-around for evaluation samples, coupled with enhanced confidentiality for customized solutions.

Bring your parts! Conduct your design-on-experiment (DOEs) with the use of Incure laboratory facility and equipment at a small fee. Easy access to a wide range of adhesives and coatings, curing lamps and testing equipment for your application needs.  

Use of Incure curing equipment on weekly rental basis.  Choice of purchase of curing system by offsetting rental charges at the end of trial period.

Collaborating with Partners
Incure Collaboration Programme (ICP) allows device component manufacturers and R&D centres tap on this platform to customise (UV and non-UV) bonding formulations for their customers’ applications. Along with our partners, Incure fulfil the need for faster turn-around time in developing working bonding solutions to their applications.

Experience UV Technology
Experience UV Technology with us. Call us today and bring your parts. Our team of experienced Applications Development managers will guide you through the entire process at no cost. Pre-arranged Design-On-Experiments can be conducted at our facility.

For additional information, visit www.uv-incure.com or contact Incure Application Engineering at support@uv-incure.com or (860) 748 2979.

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