Indelible Data provide information security advice, ISO 27001 Services (gap analysis, policies, procedures, risk analysis and selection of controls) and PCI Compliance consulting to companies of any size - whether you are a small trader who doesn't know how to form a Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Plan, or a large company that is concerned about the handling of sensitive data internally or within a supply chain.

What we do

Formation of policies and procedures.
We will get to know your business and create policies that will ensure the vulnerable areas are highlighted and the risks mitigated.

ISO 27001 Security Auditing.
We audit the security of your company against the ISO 27001 standard and can also give expert advice on mitigating risk. Our services are of particular use to smaller companies that do not have the required internal audit capabilities required for the standard. Larger companies may wish to use our services to audit other companies in the supply chain to ensure they are keeping their information secure.

Data Security Consultancy.
We will advise you of vulnerabilities in your network, organisational practices and physical infrastructure

Information Security Awareness Training.
Courses can be tailored to your needs - whether it is employee security awareness as part of a company induction - or ensuring IT staff have sufficient knowledge of current threats, vulnerabilities and countermeasures. Students are encouraged to get into the security mindset and place a relevant vaule on the data they own. Using real life examples of scams together with demonstrations of software vulnerabilities and exploits, our presentations are lively and eye opening

What we know

Threats to the confidentiality, availability and integrity of data stored on computer systems are not just from cyber attacks by skilled hackers bypassing hi-tech Intrusion Prevention Systems or from natural disasters, they are also from staff divulging too much information to strangers without any policies or procedures in place to guide them on best practice.