In Demand Coaching provides leadership and empowerment coaching to entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals who are committed to making the changes necessary to have more fulfillment in their lives and businesses.

We use an approach that helps business leaders and individuals to achieve more profitable businesses and richer lives.  We take our clients through a process of self-discovery that inspires and motivates them to define their purpose and vision, create a plan of action, which includes accountability, to pursue the fulfillment of their professional and/or personal aspirations.

Our work together becomes a powerful alliance as we guide our clients not only toward balancing their business and personal lives, but helping them to overcome the challenges and obstacles they encounter along the way to achieving their goals.  We conduct exercises that get to the heart of what's happening in their experiences and help them gain perspective on issues so they can keep moving forward.  With our coaching, our clients become a proactive director of  their experience instead of reactive to it.

We  help our clients with a wide range of issues and needs related to achieving goals, overcoming obstacles, leadership development, communication, team building, personal and business relationship issues and other self development needs.

Maureen Letendre, CPCC is the Founder and Owner of In Demand Coaching.  She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with several years of experience coaching individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners.  She has worked i large corporations and small family owned businesses in operational, strategic and executive capacities.  She has experience in diverse industries, such as technology, publishing/advertising and construction.

Areas of particular expertise are:  self-development, strategic thought partner, relationship management, and conflict management.  Maureen is also a trained facilitator and mediator.

Current seminars and workshops being offered are:

Today's Superwoman....What Do You When You're Cape is at the Cleaners?  This is a six week seminar for woman who are balancing many roles and feeling less than successful in any one role.  The seminar is focused on emotional, physical spiritual, health.

Communication for Powerful Relationships - This is a three hour workshop that helps participants learn how powerful communication is, what makes it difficult, how it creates both a short term impact and a long term effect. Participants learn how to communicate in the most effective way possible to achieve what they need, want and desire.

In Demand Coaching recommends a complimentary session to gain a fuller understanding of the coaching process to determine if it's right for you.

To arrange for a complimentary session or find out more about the workshops and other services, please call 508-251-2031 or e-mail m.letendre@indemandcoaching.com.

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