Our company has been manufacturing and distributing the India Herbs brand of herbal supplements since 2003.  We have 17 products formulated to address health concerns of men and women.  Manufacturing is done in Singapore at a GMP certified facility.  

We have customers in 163 countries and distributors in 27 countries including the USA, Switzerland, Singapore, and Australia.  Our supplements are featured on the world's most popular health portals: Amazon, CVS, Drugstore, and iHerb.

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U.S. Better Business Bureau - http://www.bbb.org/hawaii/business-reviews/vitamins-and-food-supplements/affluent-trade-management-in-honolulu-hi-27000028

Reseller Ratings - http://www.resellerratings.com/store/India-herbs_com


Results come fast because we use only concentrated extracts of proven plants that have been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda to treat health concerns.

Many companies use raw herb powders in their supplements to save on production costs. We use extracts only which have a much higher concentration of plant nutrients than raw herb powders. For example, we typically use 8 kilograms of raw herb powder to make 1 kilogram of herbal extract.

This means that 1 kilogram of herbal extract contains the plant nutrients typically contained in 8 kilograms of raw herb powder.

Thus, taking 1 capsule of any of our extracts-only supplements  is equivalent to taking 8 capsules of the same formulation containing only raw herb powders.  Our supplements are 8 times more expensive to produce and 8 times more potent and effective as well! This is why results come fast.

However we've kept the retail price very reasonable to encourage more consumers to try our supplements and use them long-term.