When ordering goods in online store we begin to wait impatiently for their departure. In order not to worry once again it is useful to track the movement of your parcel. In addition, in cases when the parcel is not on purpose, you will be able to react and contact the seller. Tracking parcels is going by the India post tracking number, which is issued to the sender.

Tracking number is a number with the help of which you can track the movement of your cargo, and it is provided by postal services. A tracking number is standardized by the World Postal Union, and has a strict structure. Standard international tracking number looks like XX123456789XX:

The first letters indicate the type of sending, eg, CA-CZ- parcel with tracking, EA-EZ - express parcel sent by one of the international express delivery services, such as EMS, RA-RZ- shirt customized package tracking, LA-LZ- small package without tracking. Next you can see unique eight-digit code, and the ninth digit is a screening value, which is calculated using a special algorithm. The last letters indicate the country from which the administration of parcels was carried out, for example, CN- China, US- US, Germany - DE.

Usually track code consists of 13 or 14 characters: nine digit code letters, two or three at the beginning and the two letters at the end. You can track a parcel after a few days it has been send, so you don`t need to worry if after a few days of sending your cargo is not monitored. The track number of courier companies can consist only of numbers.

Transport company India Post has a serious approach to safety and security of customers' goods in transit. Express delivery to foreign countries is the speed, safety and security. Delivery of any cargo provides for customers the ability to track their cargo and monitor the delivery process.

So if you need to send a cargo, so you can take it to the nearest branch of the company India post or use courier services. Each variant involves filling out the form and after this your parcel or cargo will be on the way. After filling in the necessary forms for sending the goods, you will receive a track number. With our online service https://trackingshipment.net/india_post you will always know the location of your package. To do this, you must enter the number of the declaration in the special field, the India post international tracking number, and click "TRACK IT". If all data is entered correctly, you will have the opportunity to view all the information about the location of your shipment or parcel.

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