Welcome to the world of Indigo Girl – a business partner that wants to see you succeed.

Indigo Girl is a UK based Professional Business Services provider. We aim to provide your business with solutions to the challenges that you face.

We provide Virtual Assistance Services that will compliment and enhance the management and day to day running of your small to medium sized organisation.
Our services are tailored to meet each individual client’s needs:

Maybe you want to cut down on your work load or you are overloaded and need to outsource.

Maybe you want to increase your sales but do not want to increase your workforce to deal with the extra administration that is created by sales growth.

Maybe you want to review/implement a business strategy and need a sounding board.

Maybe you want to decrease your costs by working more efficiently.

Maybe you want to formalise your business practices and policies.

Or maybe you want to improve your businesses on-line presence.

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, you will find value by using Indigo Girl.

Who are we?

I am the owner of Indigo Girl and a firm believer in continuous professional and personal development. I have 18 years experience in the Banking and Finance, Legal, Information Technology, Retail, Hospitality and Care sectors in the UK. I have run and managed a variety of businesses and I specialise in business turnarounds/start-ups.

I have been using the internet and computers since the early 1990’s. I could be described as a computer geek and would not be embarrassed by that accolade. Due to personal experience one of my main passions and business ventures is to inspire/teach/coach/mentor women to be entrepreneurs and/or to gain new skills in order to enter the workforce.

I hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Management, I have a certificate in bookkeeping, a Diploma in Microsoft Office products and I am licensed to teach in the adult sector.

The loves of my life are my children, work, rock music, movies, cooking and of course technology!

I am a member of the Institute for Learning and adhere to their Code of Professional Practice

I am also a member of vanetworking.com and adhere to their Ethics of a Virtual Assistant

If you want to know more about me or the services that I provide you’re welcome to drop me a line anytime at kittie@indigogirl.co.uk.