EZ Wealth Associates earn commissions selling our 5 Product Packages that are comprised of over 700 Digital and Software Products, and they keep 100% of the money from all Sales. All commissions are sent directly from Member-to-Member within 24 hours, and it is up to the Reseller as to how he/she would like to receive the payment!

Sell Product Package # 1 and earn:    $47.00
Sell Product Package # 2 and earn:    $97.00
Sell Product Package # 3 and earn:  $247.00
Sell Product Package # 4 and earn:  $497.00
Sell Product Package # 5 and earn:  $997.00

Total value of all Product Packages:  $1,885.00

Each Product Package has its own Pay Plan, and they are all one-time purchases. You can leverage your way from one Level to the next at your own pace or purchase all 5 at the same time to maximize your earning potential!

The key thing you must know is that you can only earn commissions at the Package Levels you have personally purchased.