Indigo Rose Software has been creating award-winning software development tools for professional programmers since 1991. Over 44,773 developers worldwide use our tools to create better software applications. From visual programming and autorun CD/DVD menus to software installers, Android app makers, web updaters and binary patching, we’ve got you covered.

Our software development tools and digital media solutions are designed for a variety of customer segments, including software developers, content vendors, IT professionals, enterprises, network administrators, ISV’s, government agencies, OEM manufacturers and educational institutions.

Indigo Rose’s software deployment and multimedia solutions help software publishers and enterprises maximize the value of their software development projects, while reducing costs and complexity. Over 44,773 organizations use our visual programming / rapid application development system (AutoPlay Media Studio), CD/DVD autorun menu builder (Autorun MAX!), software installer builders (Setup Factory, MSI Factory), binary patching tools (Visual Patch, DeltaMAX SDK) and automatic software updating system (TrueUpdate) to reach millions of desktops worldwide.

And now with the release of Andromo App Maker for Android, you can also create apps for hundreds of millions of Android tablets and smartphones.

Additionally, our line of consumer-focused digital media applications (Scrapbook MAX! and PhotoSpark) brings our unique expertise to OEM, consumer retail and schools. In particular, our digital media applications are ideal for bundling with digital cameras, printers, computer systems and as value added offerings for photo finishers, scrapbooking stores and educational suppliers.

Indigo Rose is privately held, with its headquarters located in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.