We would like to introduce  as one of the leading Diagnostic marketing company dealing in Endotoxin kits, Disinfectants, Microbiology, Biochemistry kits, for Hospitals,and  Pharma Industry.

Our Products fall in 3 segments they are

Endotoxin Detection Products:-
1) LAL Lysate 0.125 EU/ml Sensitive-16 Tests
2) LAL Lysate 0.125 EU/ml Sensitive-50 Tests
3) LAL Lysate 0.06 EU/ml Sensitive-16 Tests
4) LAL Lysate 0.03 EU/ml Sensitive-50 Tests
5) C.S.E
6) Endotoxin Challenge Vials
7) Kinetic Turbidimetric Assay
8) Kinetic Chromogenic Assay
9) Incubating UV-VIS Reader For Turbidimetric & Chromogenic Assays
10) Endotoxin Software

Endotoxin free (LAL) Accessories
1) LAL Reagent water (endotoxin free water)-30ml,100ml,500ml
2) Pyrogen Free Tips 20-200ul
3) Pyrogen Free Tips 200-1000ul
4) Pyrogen free assay Tubes-10 x75 mm
5) Pyrogen free Dilution Tubes-13 x 100 mm
6) LAL Reservoirs
7) Pyrogen free Micro Trays
9) Tris Buffer
10) Heating Block

Disinfectants:- From BIOSHIELDS

Hard Surface and Fumigation :-
1.NOVACIDE :      PHMB+DDAC based  for Surface and Fumigation,         Bacteriacidal,Fungicidal, Virucidal, Sporicidal, Mycobacericidal

2.TOTASEP  :        PHMB+DDAC based  for Surface and Fumigation, Bacteriacidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal.

3.SILVICIDE   :  SilverNitrate+H2O2 based  for Surface and Fumigation, Bacteriacidal, fungicidal, Virucidal, Sporicidal, Mycobacericidal

4.ACITAR      :      Gltardehyde, Benzalkonium Chloride based   for  Surface and   Fumigation, Bacteriacidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal, Sporicidal,

5.ALCONOX        Alcohol Based Handrub with  Moisturiser
6.STERIMAX      Antiseptic Handrub with Triple Action

Other Products
7.ZAPRUST          High efficiency Rust Remover
8.LINOSAFE        Disinfectant Cleaner for Laboratory Garments
9.LABSAFE          Disinfection Soulution for Laboratoryware