Induo was founded in 2008 and is a Swedish company in wireless communications with the business idea "Reliable communication in time". Induo, which loosely translated from Latin means "to engage", delivers products and services for wireless communication to and from mobile and fixed units.

Induo stands for a commitment beyond the usual combined with a high level of personal service. Induo is based on experience, the company collects more than 40 years combined experience in the wireless data communications through radio and GSM.

Our operations is divided into three brands:

Induo Wireless with wireless solutions for professional users and products such as radio modems, 3G routers, SMS and GPRS alarms to transmit data or control signals.

Induo Net distributes products for industrial Ethernet networks.

Induo Home is a web shop for wireless targeted at home professionals.

Induo is the agent for Satel, Conel, Maestro Wireless, RFM, Lantech and Eldes. Our business idea is "reliable communications in time".

Uses and Applications
Our products and solutions are used in industry, government, municipality, larger companies and private individuals. The applications range from infrastructure systems such as power stations, buses, trains, water and electricity, ships and airports where these products are often in continuous operation.

radio modem
3g router
gsm modem
sms alarm
gprs modem
mms kamera