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Industrial Aerobotics has been awarded an FAA Section 333 Exemption for UAS inspection use in the Electric Utility industry. This exemption is the first of its kind as Industrial Aerobotics is not an actual electric utility, but a UAS Inspection service provider to electric utilities.

Industrial Aerobotics evolved out of the Electric Utility world based on the emerging needs of the industry. Based on this evolution, Industrial Aerobotics has a unique understanding of the Bulk Electrical System, its operation and regulations, and how to best utilize UAS’s to cut costs, increase reliability, and improve safety.

Over the past decade, Electric Utility Companies have become lean by trimming non-critical expenses and are extremely cautious where they allocate resources. Where Industrial Aerobotics stands out is in its ability to shield the client from the non-“value add” work. Utilities have no desire or need to maintain a fleet of drones, pilots and data analysts. What is important to the Utility is the real-time, critical, operational data.

The Utility provides the assets to be inspected, and Industrial Aerobotics provides a detailed report with the anomalies detected. Industrial Aerobotics handles the myriad of UAV details from vehicle and payload selection, assembly, and maintenance, through FAA certification and COA approvals, to Piloting, data capture and data analytics and analysis.

Need high-resolution photos and videos of Transmission Towers and Lines to display in your operations visualization too or GIS system? Industrial Aerobotics has already analyzed, developed and tested the solution and can deliver the data. Need Thermal Images of Substation equipment or Solar Arrays? Been there, done that; Data Delivered. Need a LIDAR scan for Vegetation Management planning? Industrial Aerobotics can, and has delivered.