iNetwork is owned by a number of decades of experience in direct marketing leaders co-founded direct marketing companies. Consensus had established a "best in its constant search for a direct selling company, as we work together to create a best direct marketing companies", so as to achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable development!

So, the first day of the establishment had iNetwork firm to separate ownership and management rights. Shareholders of the company's equity shares, but have no absolute right to manage. Management rights attributed by the leaders of the composition of the "president of the Supreme Council" dominated. Philosophy toward democratization, transparency, human and systematic advance. So that all members can participate in the company's development of a fair, everyone iNetwork to become part of and proud! On the other hand, the international positioning iNetwork is very clear, from the overall hardware facilities to computer software systems, have reached international standards. Coupled with the international headquarters of the newly added glass, Indonesia, Thailand and the China branch of the distribution center, but also has become a huge international arena bright, allowing more like-minded people here destined issued the most dazzling light! bring it on!

Today and join our family! Together becoming a rising star of international career!

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