Infinity DigiTel - We Provide

Call Shop Solution (UAE Dubai Libya Saudia Arabia Middle East Countries)

Mobile Dialer



We also offer Retail Calling solution that allows you to make international/ Long Distance phone calls at very cheaper rates. We offer A-Z with Retail Quality routes and best quality voice.

• Free VoIP Tunnel (VPN)
• Real Time Online Billing and CDRs for your customers
• Very simple and Friendly Web Management Interface.
• Very High Quality Routes
• No Large Deposit or commitment required (pay as you go)

We are also Offering Resellers panels for services without any extra or hidden charges and FREE Voip Tunnel (VPN).

We Offer our own dialer for retail customers and call shop solutions.

The list of features
Show last 15 calls (Call history).
CDR displayed in real time.
Display account balance / credit display.
Separate symbols for creating applications launch.
Works behind NAT.
Works behind a firewall.

Infinity DigiTel resellers:

- Mobile dialer (working Excellent on Middle East Countries)
-Very simple and Friendly Web Management Interface.
- Very High Quality Premium VoIP TDM Routes.

+++Special Rates Available for Infinity DigiTel Resellers ONLY+++

We offer Retail Call Shop solution that allows resellers to manage distributors, agents, and Call Shops very efficiently.

Business Solution for Resellers in Saudia Arabia and Dubai and other Middle East Countries for Calling BANGLADESH INDIA PAKISTAN NEPAL and other destinations. To get started, simply follow the instructions or contact us.

Features of the Reseller platform include:

Fully hosted platform that requires no additional equipment or software in your premises.
Compatible with any SIP-compatible (RFC 3261) gateway or user device
Real-time charging of pre-paid or post-paid accounts (Deposits mandatory for Pot paid users)
Complete control of all service parameters:
Create your own rate table and surcharges
Create unlimited PIN accounts (ANI accounts fully supported as well)
Create unlimited User accounts
Delegated administration allows you to assign specific tasks to your staff
Online management tool for your customer service agents.
Online reporting tools for trouble-shooting and problem diagnosis.
Easily customizable
Support for multiple languages and currencies.
Customizable voice prompts allows you to create a uniquely branded service
Support for open source SIP developers with the Solegy-sponsored OpenSBC.
Accept online payments or payment by Cash arrangements in Bangladesh.
Optional End-User Interface can be created by you using SOAP-XML API

Features of the End User Portal:

Automated End-User Sign-Up with Sophisticated Fraud Prevention
End Users can view call and account history in real time
End Users can register one or more phones for PINless calling
End Users can recharge through the web vouchers (Our resellers collect the funds in your own account)

We invite you to create a test account with a complementary $1 balance.

Complete account details will be emailed to you once sign-up with our company.

Contact us for Sign Up!!!