Infinity Business Solutions (IBS) is a certified minority/women owned Business Management Consulting firm, headquartered in Orange County, California. IBS is a leading management consulting firm that offers business development assistance, training and contracting strategies to the private sector and governmental agencies nationwide. Our multi-faceted experience has provided companies with the ability to manage complex projects involving multiple cross-functional groups and business areas. IBS specializes in working with both small and large businesses to create supplier procurement training and leadership development training based on organizational missions. We create training workshops that offer technical assistance and capacity building to human resources to enable them to be strategic, competitive and create a culture for excellence in the market place. IBS is unique in that we combine our training expertise with our supplier diversity knowledge. With that in mind, our business development methodology includes the proven 3-S(TM) (Strategy, Structure, and System) methodology. Our training methodology includes: Assessment, Program Development, Delivery, Program Debriefing, and a 12-month learning plan. Our goal is to ensure that participants master strategic skills, processes and requirements, and attain a significant learning. Our success stems from the outstanding capabilities of our consultants, our close relationships with a select group of industry experts that believe in continuous improvement as a means of increasing strategic market advantage, and a company philosophy that stresses interdisciplinary collaboration and responsive service.