About Taste of Nature, Inc.
Founded in 1992, Taste of Nature, Inc is a rapidly growing confectionery and snack food manufacturing company whose fun and innovative products may be found on store shelves nationwide.  Now celebrating a 30 year milestone, the company manufactures and markets a wide variety of licensed and proprietary brands including:  Cookie Dough Bites®, Doughlish ®, Mrs Fields® Cookies, Sqwigglies®, Muddy Bears®, Cotton Candy Swirlz®, Dr Pepper®  Cotton Candy, Snake Bitez® Gummi Snakes, Ginormous® Gummi Bears, Hawaiian Punch® Cotton Candy, Shari® Candies and more.
For more information about Taste of Nature, Inc., please visit www.candyasap.com. Join us on Facebook and Instagram.