Whether you require a comprehensive wealth management solution for your own personal needs or you represent a corporation with global interests, every solution we offer is directed towards preserving and enhancing your wealth or your company's assets in an international environment.

We begin by introducing you to a relationship manager who is your personal guide to all that we have to offer. He or she also serves as your team leader coordinating the services and specialists required to implement the ideal solutions for you or your organization.

Our relationship managers come from many different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and possess priceless, first-hand insights into key financial jurisdictions. This diversity is important because we need to develop a complete understanding of your unique circumstances to provide an integrated solution.

Benefit from a world of expertise.Blending our broad global presence with deep local knowledge gives us the expertise required to provide efficient and flexible international wealth management solutions.

Working from offices located in Dublin Ireland, and Hong Kong we have some of the best and brightest financial experts, including banking specialists, investment advisors, portfolio managers, trust professionals, credit specialists, tax consultants and others. Our specialists have intimate knowledge of local laws and regulation with many holding professional designations in law, accounting and investments.

We also have well-established relationships with leading independent legal and tax planning professionals who will work alongside your relationship manager and our specialists.  is at the forefront of discretionary investment management, providing a high quality service that delivers transparent information and access to immediate management reporting packages and services for clients.

By utilising the next generation of interactive portfolio management systems our clients have access to a complete range of Discretionary Asset Management Services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with real-time access to their portfolios.

Clients benefit from instant valuations, performance and benchmarking analysis, full transparency of investment rationale “The reasons why”, customised consolidated statements over any period and management by an experienced team of investment professionals. Geographically, we are ideally placed to service European and international clients. Our expertise will meet your requirements whether your investment strategy is traditional or alternative.

Through our strategic industry relationships we're able to effectively deliver on the highest level of service commitments. Rooney Gallagher Private Equity Partners works with a wide variety of financial product, research, and technology providers. we believe in tailoring our investment instruments to the individual needs of our clients. Thus you can be assured that the investment strategy we design for you will match your unique financial goals, and help you to manage and grow your wealth in a way that reaps valuable rewards. Using the finest investment instruments in the world today, we’ll provide investment advice that not only protects your existing capital, but helps it to flourish in a global market.

By choosing to invest your assets with Rooney Gallagher you are gaining access to all the world’s exchanges and to all the investment funds within these exchanges. Furthermore, you’re benefiting from the expertise of top asset managers – individuals who have an intricate understanding of world markets and investment opportunities. Your personal private banker will consult closely with you to obtain a thorough understanding of your circumstances, in order to develop the best investment banking strategy to protect and grow your assets.

We continually review investment strategies from around the world. We choose the best of these strategies based on the risk/reward trade-off and our research on the future expectations of the underlying asset. Structured products are then specifically tailored to best serve the needs of our clients and take advantage of certain market conditions. Through our structured products, our investors can gain access to these markets and still have the comfort of knowing that their initial capital is protected when the investment is held to maturity.Structured products are not meant to be the only investment in a portfolio, but to provide access to alternative investment strategies that deliver both diversification in terms of asset allocation and risk/reward payoff and downside protection through the inbuilt capital protection. Rooney Gallagher Asset Management leaves you time to concentrate on growing your business by taking care of all your portfolio management needs.

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