Decide aged to establish a brand, proposing a style against the trend and commercialize the product following the canons of the 60, deserting the major platforms of the fashion and merely parading exclusively to communicate "to be there" and then prove to deserve getting an Award at the World finals of "the Look of the Year", in the company of historical and stainless signatures of made in Italy as "Litrico Luca and Raffaella Curiel" means Fiandrini called Patrizia.
After the first few months that have seen explosive testimonials polite dress Patrizia Fiandrini as, for example, Gabriella Carlucci, the concert pianist Andrea Ceccomori and actor Giuseppe Panebianco stylist, strong thirty years experience in fa├žon in which it has with some of the major brands domestic and foreign (Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Prada, Ferragamo, Fendi and many others) decided to go over and intercept a question more varied both generational band whose style, a challenge in the challenge and a great desire to leave the mark.
The decision to develop a new a few months from start up style project deserting not only the platforms of the fashion week but also the living rooms of the business to focus exclusively on the study of lines, colors and fabrics characterizes today the commitment of the designers.
Speaking to Lino Del Vecchio Del Vecchio Studio of that from the beginning deals with strategies for brand launch and consolidation discover that the activities in progress follows a precise programming which foundations are already a source of great commitment on the part of the designer and the figures that surround it.
Some advances are already possible.
To the end of March is being considered a "special" put forward through a video that will be realized in environments daily lives Patrizia Fiandrini, his Atelier, his tailoring workshop and the great natural spaces that characterize the Umbria and some of the professionals who collaborate daily with the designer.
Narrator, assisted by journalist Margaret Lamesta, it will be Roberto Mustard, already old conductor of GR1 RAI and current President of the Italy-USA Foundation.
Towards the last week of April most likely a first part of the new sample will be posing room for ritual shots taken for 2017 by the extraordinary photographer Raimondo Luciani supported, for wigs make-up, by the famous Hair Stylist Tony Prosia that this' year was chosen among the Look Maker of the singers who participated in the Festival of San Remo.
Testimonial 2017, strongly desired by the designer, is a dancer and model Eleonora Puglia whose recent major glamor magazines showed pictures in the company of his famous and admired boyfriend Iago Garcia.
Towards the fall is expected the official presentation of the new collection "all-season 'that will parade on the occasion of an international event, and this spotlight is actually a moment of verification as in these months it will be decided and implemented.
Modamica, known multi-brand of Vimodrone, on this occasion remains committed next to the Maison Umbra and actively participates, in agreement with the Del Vecchio Studio, the international promotion of the brand.
We just have to wait for the autumn fashion show.