Infoplus Commerce

An industry expert

We have experience handling logistics solutions for thousands of clients to create remarkably different software. The proven SaaS platform customizes digital inventory methods, handles order management, organizes your warehouse, and ensures consistent and accurate shipping through real-time data.

The Infoplus story

Infoplus was spun out of Materialogic, an industry-leading 3PL in St. Louis, MO that has been in business for 35 years.

The management team first conceptualized the basis for Infoplus when listening to potential clients talk about how they could never see themselves using a 3PL because they manage their own storage, inventory and fulfillment process.

The effort to convince these businesses to switch gave birth to the idea of leveraging Materialogic’s mature proprietary fulfillment management software to build a SaaS model solution made available to these companies at a reasonable rate. This allows customers to run and scale their businesses at the level of a 3PL, but without the significant engineering investment.

And Infoplus was born.

The Infoplus Mission:
be a magical company
A company built with the best people possible – passionate about what we do and how we do it – working together to create remarkably different software.

Seriously. That's what Infoplus aims to do.

Do it with deep knowledge and respect for how difficult fulfillment is.
Do it with the experience that comes from 35 years handling logistics solutions for thousands of clients.
Do it with more passion for the dusty parts of ecommerce than anyone else.
Listen and strive for better ways to do it.
Make it smarter.
Make it uniquely better.
Bring disruptive value to our customers.
Make software you love using as much as we love building it.

We set out to create an affordable, powerful platform that results in better service after the sale, from order to door. Which leads to a better business, from owner to warehouse worker.