InfoPro Learning, Inc. is the world’s leading next generation learning solutions provider. Headquartered at New Jersey, the company has been providing Learning Solutions, Performance Consulting, and Learning Infrastructure Solutions to corporations worldwide for over 21 years.
Singular focus on 360 degree learning solutions, high level of technical expertise, a culture of innovation, and an agile approach give InfoPro a competitive edge in helping global business entities grow, innovate, and improve their organizational performance.  

With a team of over 650 multi-disciplinary specialists, InfoPro developed over 14,000 hours of learning content in over 30 languages across different businesses and verticals and conceived and designed thousands of domain-specific multimedia assets and interactivities. InfoPro is the pioneer in implementing Assembly Line and Lean Development Methodologies in Learning Content Development Life Cycle.

Infopro caters to the various industry verticals: Information Technology, Healthcare, Publishing, Transportation and Logistics, and Aviation. Our constant efforts in building Instructional Strategy, Technology and Media Centers of Excellence, Intellectual Capital, Technological Backbone and Process Excellence Frameworks have helped InfoPro emerge as a Thought Leader in the training and development industry.

For more information, click at www.infoprolearning.com.