We work with landlords, employers and businesses who are looking to protect their investments, increase their long term revenue while meeting compliance requirements. With over 30 years of combined industry experience, Inforex Background Check has helped its clients to find the right applicants quickly, lower their overall risk and increase their long term revenue with thorough and detailed background checks.

It only takes 10 Minutes

With a quick evaluation we will look at your current challenges and see if there are any areas where we can help you. In as little as 10 minutes we can figure out if Inforex Background Check is a good fit for you.

Avoid high-risk tenants/hires and protect your investments with Inforex’s User Friendly Platform and Simple 3-Step Process:

Step 1 - Start with an Online Application

- Accept applications online 24/7
- Collect background check fee online
- Save time by saying goodbye to data entry
- Increase applicant flow with rental application
- Fill vacancies fast
- Stay competitive in today’s market
- Free of charge to you and your applicants

Step 2 - Proceed with Background Check

- Quick and mistake-free background check reports
- Reliable criminal background check reports
- Thorough tenant check
- Prompt rental applicant screening
- Compliance with automated disclosures and adverse action notices
- No monthly fees, no hidden fees, no contract

Step 3 - Accept and Sign Agreements Online

- Send lease agreement anytime and anywhere
- Store documents online
- Secure portal for document upload
- Huge convenience, electronic documents and e-signatures
- No data entry – information is pre-populated
- Environmentally friendly
- Free to you and your applicants

Inforex is committed to help you achieve your business goals with the right background check solutions.

- Exceptional Customer Service
- Quick Turnaround Time
- Customizable Reports
- Reliable and Accurate Information
- Educated Approach
- User Friendly Platform