Infoshare is a UK-owned and UK-based software company focused on Data Quality and Master Data Management.  Our intuitive software profiles, cleanses and matches data held in single or multiple databases to build single views of people, organisations, objects and locations.  Detailed audit trails provide evidence of the quality and accuracy of data and the matches made by our software.
We enable organisations to transform data into a strategic corporate asset, to increase revenue, assess risk, control costs, detect fraud, comply with regulations and to spot troubled families or children at risk.

We were named as one of 12 Little British Battlers in the 2016 TechMarketView report, which celebrates small, highly innovative UK-headquartered software and IT services companies vying for attention in local and global markets.

To find out more about our company, please visit www.infoshare-is.com or follow us on Twitter: @InfoshareUK.