The ultimate goal of Infoxir is to promote expansive thinking by bringing to
light the distilled information that professionals need to predict future trends and
discover hidden patterns.
Economic Research and Insights is Infoxir ́s first newsletter. Subscribers receive the
latest research papers from universities, central banks and think tanks, policy-making
speeches, the most influential economic blogs, trending social media posts and breaking
international news. It delivers content that is differentiated from traditional news sources
that simply focus on popular topics. Economic Research and Insights fosters both
economic thinking and research process. It is ideal for academic research as well as
strategic decision making for regular people who are confronted with economic choices
in their daily lives.
As Infoxir brings on board new expert topic editors and receives feedback from
subscribers on the issues that matter to them most, the company plans to roll out other
digital newsletters that will cover trending or strategic topics that today’s decision
makers need to understand.

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