Infra-Tect is currently focusing on bringing to market the “Bevel-Sert”, a product that addresses one of the largest market opportunities in the industry: corrosion and need to replace failing infrastructure. The patented Bevel-Sert is a pre-beveled edge insert used in conjunction with any size buried Ductile Iron Pipe, PVC Pipe, or fitting. The Bevel-Sert conforms to the outside diameter of the spigot or "male" end of the ductile iron or PVC pipe. The integral flange acts as a bendable wrap for the cut end of the pipe allowing the male end passage past the rubber gasket. Infra-Tect holds all patents on this product including many variations that could become foreseeable competition.
    This product is intended to facilitate the safe installation of underground utilities where beveling pipe is often required. This product eliminates the industry practice of grinding a bevel onto the cut end of a piece of pipe which will greatly decrease project costs. The Bevel-Sert may also be used in Ductile Iron Pipe as a barrier to electrical current, promoting the existence of an electrically discontinuous pipe joint segment and increasing the lifetime of the underground pipe infrastructure. The reason for this is that the Bevel-Sert is made out of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Corrosion is an electro/chemical reaction that requires a corrosive environment, moisture and an electrical pathway in order to occur. If one of these three necessary ingredients is eliminated, corrosion cannot occur. D.I.P.R.A. (Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association) states that there exists "long line corrosion cells", which is the corrosion due to the accumulation of electrical current passing up and down the pipe line, and that this occurrence can be eliminated by making joints that are not bonded or by making them electrically isolated. The Bevel-Sert accomplishes this.