INFURM Technologies LLC was founded in June 1998 as a software development and website design company. Our focus is on innovative solutions that take advantage of internet and internet-technologies. We create browser-based, database-driven business solutions and host innovative and interesting websites. In 2005 the core of our business model primarily began to focus on Mobile Media Application Development, working with platforms like Apple, Google Android and Blackberry.

Our company is a Microsoft Certified Gold partner for over ten years, and a certified application provider for Blackberry, Google Android and Apple platforms. INFURM offers over 75 years of combined talents of dedicated and highly creative Designers, Developers and Programmers; along with a very knowledgeable corporate staff. In addition to taking great pride in their creations and development talents, INFURM Technologies works with a network of freelance agents who can work closely with clients that require a more hands-on approach outside of our local service state of Nevada.